Bernofarm is devoted to the development of new medicine and technology to help millions of people around the world.

Building a Healthier Community

Bernofarm combines science and passion to produce medicines for the purpose of improving patient’s health. We are commited in creating a better and healthier world by focusing on continuous development of technology, science and medicine along with the help of remarkable minds.


Est. 1971 - Surabaya, Indonesia

Advancing Science for
a Healthier Future

Bernofarm strive to being a leading privately owned pharmaceutical company in Indonesia by continuously developing new products and technologies to serve the needs of patients around the world.

Therapeutic Areas

Bernofarm is ready to support different medical fields and healthcare needs.

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Product Registration

Bernofarm has obtained license to offers a wide-range of products for different stages and needs.

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Bernofarm has grown to be one of the leading pharmaceutical company in Indonesia.


Bernofarm extends its reach in both domestic and international market to help serve global healthcare needs.


Our vision is to be a reliable global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, who is committed to contributing ‘value’ to our stakeholders through innovation and continuous research & development.


Providing exceptional quality products to restore health and improve the lives of patients through:

  • Modern technology & excellent services,
  • Continuous research and development,
  • Efficient manufacturing process,
  • Strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Our Story

Bernofarm started its business on March 13, 1971. This company has transformed from its humble family oriented company, employing only 20 staffs to being one of the leading privately owned pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia, with over 2900 employees, led and managed by a group of intelligent and innovative professionals.

Since Bernofarm was first established in 1971, our company has been devoted to providing the Indonesian market with products of exceptional quality. Our business motto, “Develop to Serve”, ensures that all our business practices, products and services add significant value to Indonesia’s health care development. With the help of dedicated and highly motivated employees, we have been able to provide effective health care solutions to the Indonesian community and will continue to evolve in this highly competitive & fast growing pharmaceutical business.

Our Achievements

Indonesia WOW Brand

Vitalong C achieved the award for the category of Single Vitamin C in 2017.

Organized by MarkPlus, Inc.

Top Brand for Kids

Biolysin Smart achieved the award for the category of Cerebral Vitamin in 2019

Organized by Frontier Consulting & Marketing Magazine.

Indonesia WOW Brand

Biolysin achieved the award for category of Multivitamin-Pediatric in 2020

Organized by MarkPlus, Inc.

Office Location

Rukan Puri Mansion Blok C No. 15 Jl. Lingkar Luar Barat, Kembangan Selatan Jakarta Barat – 11610


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