Jaga Daya Tahan Tubuh & Kesehatan Tulang


Suplemen Vitamin D3 dalam bentuk tablet kunyah untuk mempercepat proses penyerapan sekaligus memaksimalkan efek vitamin D pada gigi.

Elevate Your Wellness with
Essential Vitamin D3 Support

Elevate Your Wellness with Essential Vitamin D3 Support

Unlock the power of Vitamin D3 with Great D. Specially formulated to provide 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 per serving, Great D offers the sunshine vitamin’s benefits in a convenient supplement. Support your overall health and well-being with Great D, your daily dose of sunshine in a bottle.

Vitamin D3 - 1000 IU

Vitamin D3 is a vital nutrient with a multitude of benefits for overall health. Vitamin D3 supports the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, essential minerals for maintaining strong bones and teeth. Additionally, Vitamin D3 plays a crucial role in modulating the immune system, helping to regulate immune responses and promote immune function. Beyond bone and immune health, Vitamin D3 is involved in mood regulation, muscle function, and heart health. By incorporating Great D into your daily routine, you’re ensuring that your body receives the essential support it needs for optimal well-being, from bone strength to immune resilience and beyond.

Benefits of Great D

Bone Health

Immune System

Mood Regulation

Muscle Functions

Healthy Heart

Reviews by Sahabat Great D

Great D


Membantu menjaga daya tahan tubuh, kesehatan tulang dan fungsi otot.


Vitamin D3 1000 IU


100 tablet / botol

Bentuk Sediaan

Tablet kunyah

Aturan Pakai

1 tablet / hari

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Let's learn the benefit of Great D

Importance of Vitamin D

Frequently Asked Questions

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Untuk menjaga kesehatan tulang dan dapat menjaga daya tahan tubuh, vitamin D dapat membantu menyerap kalsium dan fosfor untuk kepadatan tulang dan Kesehatan gigi.

  • Isi lebih banyak
  • Harga terjangkau
  • Bentuk tablet kunyah rasa coklat

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