Supplement for Growing Tall and Strong Bones

Bone Kidz

Building Blocks for Little Giants

Give your little ones the support they need to reach new heights with Bone Kidz. Specially designed for pediatric growth, this supplement is a powerhouse of essential nutrients for healthy, strong bones. Packed with goodness, Bone Kidz ensures that every growth spurt is a step towards a taller, more resilient future. Nourish their potential with Fitalongday’s Bone Kidz – because every child deserves the foundation for a towering success story.


Essential for bone health, calcium is a vital mineral that supports bone density and strength. It plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy teeth, promoting their development and structure.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is essential for optimal calcium absorption in the body, making it a key player in bone health. It helps regulate calcium levels, ensuring proper utilization for bone formation and maintenance.



FOS is a prebiotic fiber that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. By supporting a healthy gut microbiome, FOS indirectly contributes to bone health.

Benefits of Bone kidz

FOS improves the process of calcium absorption.

Supports growth and development of healthy bones and teeth.

Maintains muscle and nerve functions.

Helps release hormones and enzymes.

Reviews by Moms

Bone Kidz


Membantu menjaga kesehatan tulang dan gigi anak selama masa pertumbuhan.


Calcium, Vitamin D3, FOS


30 tablet @ botol

Bentuk Sediaan

Tablet Kunyah

Aturan Pakai

Anak usia 2-12 tahun ( 1-2 kali sehari @ 1 tablet )

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Let's learn the benefit of Bone Kidz

Supporting Healthy Bones
and Growing Tall

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